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BandCamp page launched!


We hope to fill this one with some goodies.

At the moment you’ll have to do with a free download of the remastered “Stale”, from the upcoming album.

Please note that the preview is very compressed, so make sure to download and listen if you haven’t heard it on our SoundCloud page!

“Expanding The Unknown” the 10th most sold CD at Infrarot

The upcoming CD is the 10th most sold CD right now at Infrarot! Pretty sweet. Thank you everyone who has pre-ordered!

If you haven’t ordered a copy and feel like it, you can either do it at our homepage where there’s the option of having it signed, or at Infrarot at

Thanks guys and girls for the support!

First track from the upcoming album up on SoundCloud

Alright! First teaser from the CD up on SoundCloud!

Please note that SoundCloud use compression, so the CD/FLAC/MP3-320 will sound much better. Just to give you a hint of what’s to come!

Free download – ENJOY!

Special US edition limited to 50 copies only through IsoTank

American fans: IsoTank has a special limited edition including an exclusive art print, limited to 50 copies. Head over here to obtain your copy!

Direct buy link:

Trust me – if you’re in the States, this is the way to get the CD!

Pre-order has started!


You can now pre-order your copy of our upcoming CD “Expanding The Unknown”, due for release on March 22.

When ordering through our homepage you have the option of obtaining a signed copy, should you want one.

If you live in Germany you will probably benefit from ordering from Infrarot due to lower domestic shipping costs.

Head over to our homepage or Infrarot and get your copy now!

Tracklisting for upcoming release “Expanding The Unknown”

Ok boys and girls… here’s the tracklisting of our upcoming release “Expanding The Unknown”, out on March 22 on Infacted Recordings.

1. Submission
2. Stale
3. Tearstained
4. Overload
5. Velvet Dream
6. Going Down
7. The Unknown
8. To Live Is Regret
9. Desire Slowly Bursting
10. Fallen Idols (Legends Speak Mix)
11. Screaming Within
12. Struck Down
13. Debris
14. Final Spasm
15. The Lighter Surface
16. Loss Of Breath
17. Going Down (Re-Up Take)

All tracks remastered 2012-2013 by Tobias Ersson at SoundBitz production.

Pre-order to start shortly.

Spread the word people!