Tracklisting for upcoming release “Expanding The Unknown”

Ok boys and girls… here’s the tracklisting of our upcoming release “Expanding The Unknown”, out on March 22 on Infacted Recordings.

1. Submission
2. Stale
3. Tearstained
4. Overload
5. Velvet Dream
6. Going Down
7. The Unknown
8. To Live Is Regret
9. Desire Slowly Bursting
10. Fallen Idols (Legends Speak Mix)
11. Screaming Within
12. Struck Down
13. Debris
14. Final Spasm
15. The Lighter Surface
16. Loss Of Breath
17. Going Down (Re-Up Take)

All tracks remastered 2012-2013 by Tobias Ersson at SoundBitz production.

Pre-order to start shortly.

Spread the word people!


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