39 days til release!

39 days til release! have you pre-ordered your copy? ;)

WORLDWIDE including option to get it signed: www.seventrees.se

GERMANY :http://www.infrarot.de/seven-trees/expanding-the-unknown/9941061

USA, including limited artprint (50 copies only): http://www2.mailordercentral.com/isotank/prodinfo.asp?number=40795-2

CANADA: http://www.stormingthebase.com/seven-trees-expanding-the-unknown-cd/

Free BandCamp teaser track for download: http://seventrees.bandcamp.com/

SoundCloud teaser: https://soundcloud.com/seventrees/seven-trees-stale-2013

…and yes, our new website will be launched soon. ;)

Spread the word, invite your friends to join our Facebook page – your support is invaluable to us! Thanks ever so much!


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