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Important message about pre-orders done through our homepage

Due to the fact that I had to go to the US for two weeks and came home the day before the release date (March 21) there’s a delay in sending out the signed version of the CD. Johan and I live in different cities and it wasn’t until I got back home (after a few days of being jetlagged) I could send him the booklets for signing. They are now signed by us both and on the way back to me but because thursday-monday is Eastern holidays it has taken some extra time and I will recieve them on Tuesday, and all pre-orders will then be shipped. Our apologies for that you have to wait for your copy of “Expanding The Unknown” – our intention was that you were gonna have it before everyone else. So, terribly sorry about this, it won’t happen with the next release for sure!

All regular copies (unsigned) were shipped in the beginning of last week.

Hope you’ll enjoy the release when it’s in your hands!

Interview for Peruvian magazine “Disturbia”

Doing an interview for Peruvian magazine Disturbia – apparently the scene in South America is growing rapidly, which is very cool!

Side-Line article about “Expanding The Unknown”

Review plus article in Sonic Seducer!

(For review check review section)

Nice one!


“Expanding The Unknown” now available on BandCamp

…for those of you who don’t buy physical formats anymore:

“Expanding The Unknown” released today!

Yay, it’s celebration time! cause what album is released today? no, we’re not talking about the new Depeche Mode album… it’s the official release date of “Expanding The Unknown”! I hope all of you who ordered it from Infrarot and other places gets it in the mail today! We really look forward to hearing what you think about it!

Some useful info:

– due to a mistake made by our graphics designer, the “limited edition 1000 copies” has been left out on the sleeve. This sucks, but it is still limited to 1000 copies like every other CD in the Classixx series.

– regular CD pre-orders made at will be sent out today.

– signed copy pre-orders will be sent out in the middle of next week, due to that Johan and I live in different cities so we will have to post them back and forth. apologies for this taking a little longer.

So, enjoy the album, we hope you like it!

New track from the upcoming album up on SoundCloud

Ok guys and girls, got something for you – here’s another full track from the upcoming album released in just 8 days! people usually say it’s their favourite track of ours so we figured why not put it up yeah? with this one i don’t even want to think about how many hours and hours we had to spend to get it the right edge. hours and hours and hours and hours. it was a bitch! but we’re extremely satisfied with the end result – hope you like it too!

Pre-order info for the CD on the SoundCloud page!

ENJOY and do help us spread the word should you feel inclined to do so!

Comparison video original release vs remastered release

Our mastering guy Tobias Ersson of SoundBitz production put together a video to demonstrate the difference in sound/mastering of some of the tracks off the album – a liiiiitlle bit of improvement, yeah?

19 days til release!

Hey, all! getting closer – only 19 days til release now! don’t forget to pre-order your copy!

Album snippet teaser:


WORLDWIDE including option to get it signed:


USA, including limited artprint (50 copies only):