“Expanding The Unknown” released today!

Yay, it’s celebration time! cause what album is released today? no, we’re not talking about the new Depeche Mode album… it’s the official release date of “Expanding The Unknown”! I hope all of you who ordered it from Infrarot and other places gets it in the mail today! We really look forward to hearing what you think about it!

Some useful info:

– due to a mistake made by our graphics designer, the “limited edition 1000 copies” has been left out on the sleeve. This sucks, but it is still limited to 1000 copies like every other CD in the Classixx series.

– regular CD pre-orders made at www.seventrees.se will be sent out today.

– signed copy pre-orders will be sent out in the middle of next week, due to that Johan and I live in different cities so we will have to post them back and forth. apologies for this taking a little longer.

So, enjoy the album, we hope you like it!