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“Expanding The Unknown” finally available on Spotify

Since the glitch at our labels digital distributor it took some time to get it up on the digital sites, but now it’s up.

Since yesterday the album is finally available on Spotify – go listen, spread the word to your friends, add to your playlists etc etc!

Remember though that Spotify still uses a compressed format so for maximum (FLAC) quality head over to bandcamp:

Or buy the CD from our website, still a few signed copies left! – new site to be launched next week btw including interviews and lyrics to the complete album!

Problems at our labels digital distributor

Due to problems at our labels digital distributor it took some time for the album to appear on the digital sites, now it’s finally up on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify etc – if you buy digital releases just check the price on iTunes for example, it’s beyond a bargain… :-)

2-page article & compilation appearance in Nachtaktiv

Just got the word that we’re featured in a two page article of the German Nachtaktiv magazine, plus appear on the compilation that comes with the CD, together with acts such as Spetsnaz and Diorama. Yay!


Pre-orders are now shipped!

Good news – all pre-orders made through our homepage has now been sent out and you will recieve them shortly! Once again sorry about the delay on our behalf which were of circumstances beyond our control – it won’t happen next time for sure. Enjoy the CD everyone!