BIOGRAPHY TBA – meanwhile enjoy Infacted Recordings pressrelease of “Expanding The Unknown”, which does have a kind of bio in it. :)

“The return of a masterpiece!

Infacted Recordings proudly present the re-release of dark industrial electro cult album “Embracing the Unknown” by Seven Trees. Originally released on March 17th 1997, it became an instant classic on the legendary Zoth Ommog label. Hailing from Örebro, Sweden, Seven Trees was formed in 1994 and released a couple of highly acclaimed cassette releases before their first compilation appearance in 1995. In 1996 they were signed by Zoth Ommog and the following year saw the release of their one and only album so far.

Intertwining the seductive aggression and depressive dark harmonies of earlier Skinny Puppy, combined with the knife-through-the-heart coldness of The Klinik, Seven Trees formed their own very unique sound; a pitch black electronic soundscape featuring seductive string arrangements while retaining a freezing atmosphere, combined with harsh haunting aggressive and subtly whispery vocals; all this featured in a production that left nothing to be asked for.

The album was licensed to Metropolis in the US and Energy Rekords in Sweden giving Seven Trees quite the break through, and paving the way for their 1997 German tour together with Mentallo & The Fixer. The album had one flaw though – it suffered from a horribly rushed really bad mastering job giving the album a flatter sound than what was intended, where the dynamics and overall experience of the album was affected in a negative way.

Say no more – here we have it – the cult classic “Embracing the Unknown” meticulously remastered from the original tapes by mastering professional Tobias Ersson at SoundBitz Studios, finally giving the album the edge it should have had from the very beginning, whilst adopting new techniques to make it sound even better. Last but certainly the disc also contains 8 bonus tracks – all carefully chosen to fit this stunning Classics release.”